Why does Notepad++ hang when I open it?

I am generally happy with Notepad++ but every now and then I find that it takes a long time to open. Yesterday, I started seeing a 20-second hang and after opening Notepad++ a few times, I became frustrated enough to troubleshoot the problem. The good news is that it took about 10 minutes to figure out the problem, which is a good ROI — once I open Notepad++ about 30 more times, I will have made back the time spent fixing it.

You can read the basics of using Windows Performance Recorder (WPR) and Windows Performance Analyzer (WPA) for wait analysis here: Why does Explorer hang when I right-click on a folder? If you’ve never done this before, it may take a couple of hours to get everything set up but it’s a one-time task.

Let’s pick up after I’ve already collected the trace and opened it in WPA. My first step is to look at the System Activity\UI Delays graph, which shows that Notepad++ is failing to check for Window messages for 21.9 seconds. That matches the delay I’m seeing in opening it.


Next, I load up the Computation\CPU Usage (Precise) graph, since it has information on every context switch.  From the UI Delays graph, I know that the hanging UI thread ID is 94092 so I set up my table as below.

notepad++_hang_cpu_precise_startIn the table, we see that the total wait time for the thread is about what we expect – 21 seconds. The longest wait is about 1 second. Next, I drill down into the thread, each time following the stack with the longest total wait time, eventually stopping when I find something “interesting”:


Above, we see XMLTools-borneo3.dll is calling the WinSock select function. MSDN says that “The select function determines the status of one or more sockets, waiting if necessary, to perform synchronous I/O.” It does appear that the function is waiting, since we see the call to WaitForSingleObject.

The other strange thing is that borneo3 is the name of my home machine. A quick look at the System Activity\Images table shows me that XMLTools-borneo3.dll is being loaded from the Notepad++ plugins directory.

At this point, I connect the dots. I use OneDrive to sync my tools across different machines. Evidently, it had a conflict when syncing and backed up the XMLTools.dll to a new name.

Once I deleted the XMLTools-borneo3.dll, the hang during open went away. Of course, it’s not clear exactly what the problem is or why it doesn’t happen with the original XMLTools.dll but as the gambler says, you gotta know when to fold them. Back to work!

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