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Vmware-hostd Listening on HTTPS Port 443

Recently, I needed to stand up a web server on my development machine to do some testing. Unfortunately, when I tried to bind to the default HTTPS port (443), I found out that some other process on my machine was … Continue reading

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Debugging Windows Service Startup Using Procdump

tl;dr: Sleeping and attaching a debugger? Meh. Writing copious log files? Meh. In the case of a crashing service, it’s much easier to collect the crashdump and analyze. If you’ve spent much time developing Windows Service, you’ve probably run into the case … Continue reading

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Why Won’t My Workstation Lock?

Last week, I was suddenly unable to lock my Windows 7 workstation. Windows+L stopped working, as did the “Lock” command in the Shutdown menu. I did a quick search online and found articles pointing to various registry settings, for example, Unfortunately, … Continue reading

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